At FRIEStile; Frisian tiles (whites) are made and painted by hand. From clay to finished product. For private and resale

FRIEStile means freestyle on Frisian tiles.

‘Today’s handicraft’

About the crafts(wo)man

My name is Sjoukje, sounds Frisian/Dutch and thats right.
In Makkum I was trained at the Royal tilefactory Tichelaar.
After that I lived and worked in several places, among others Amsterdam and Paris.
But the love for fort this beautiful ceramic craft tile is never disappeared.
Now I have my own company with workplace and showroom in the North of the Netherlands.

With my practical attitude and renovation experience I look at their plans with the customer.
I give advice on; size, decoration, color, paste, grout, and its possibilities. I like te help.
Of course you choose the image/decoration yourself.
FRIEStile stands for Freestyle on Frisian tiles.
Traditional craft and contempory paintings.


Jan Timmerstraat 1
8821LT Kimswerd

T. 0031-641341320

Tue,wed,thu,Friday afternoon open from 1 pm to 6 pm.
Monday, saterday and sunday open after phonecall or mail.