Over the centuries Frisian tiles have always retained their individuality character.
At Friestile the tile is still made as it was then, with the same ingrediƫnts and method.
The real Frisian tile (whites) is 13 x 13 cm. with two nailholes in the corners. And completely handmade in an authentic way.
The clay is pressed, cut, dried, and baked, then glazed and again baked on 1000 degrees.
Now we have a white tile, these comes in a mix of seven shades of white for the authentic character.

Frisian tiles are also often used for restauration projects.

Before painting can start, the design is first made on paper.
The design is punctured on the contourlines wiht a fine pin. The paper is placed on the freshly glazed tiles and puffed with charcoal. Then the painting can start, with special paintbrush and colorglaze on de fresh white glaze.

Because it soaks in straight away, the image must immediately be well painted.
After this it is baked again at 1000 degrees so that the colors and the white glaze melt together.
After 8 hours in the oven and coole for 8 hours its finishd!
The previous centuries have shown how sustainable the product is.


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